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Welcome to Momentum Moving Arts Foundation 

Moving Arts is defined as expression through movement such as dance, theatre and the performing arts.

Our vision is for individuals in our local community to be able to increase knowledge, ability and appreciation for the moving arts.  MMAF pursues to continue the development of Moving Arts within our community.

The mission of Momentum Moving Arts Foundation, Inc. (MMAF) is to provide scholarships to those desiring to foster, promote and increase knowledge and appreciation for the moving arts, by raising funds through involvement with business, corporations and the local community.

How can I support?
You can help support MMAF, by supporting retailers who are willing to give to non-profit organizations! All proceeds go directly to the MMAF! (When signing up make sure to search and choose the Momentum Moving Arts Foundation as your chosen charity.)  Also visit the Events pages for upcoming events.

E-scrip - Visit  and register your existing grocery, loyalty, debit and credit cards. Participating merchants will make contributions to MMAF, based on purchases you make, just by using the cards you have registered.    

Good search - Visit and make it your search engine exactly as you would use any other search engine like Google. They will donate 50% of its sponsored search revenue to the organization you choose. You can also start your on line shopping from their website and a percentage of your purchase goes to MMAF with no cost to you.

Magazines and Restaurant Certificates - Visit to purchase or renew existing subscriptions of your favorite magazines for up to 85% off (including Dance Magazine, Dance Spirit and Dance Teacher!), order jewelry, flowers or purchase eCertificates ($20 for $50 or $35 for $100 certificates). Each time you make a purchase or renew a magazine up to 40% profit goes to MMAF!

IGive - Visit and choose Momentum Moving Arts Foundation as your Cause. Shop at online stores through te IGive Mall. A portion of each purchase will be donated to MMAF (% varies).

Momentum Moving Arts Foundation, Inc. (MMAF):
Momentum Moving Arts Foundation, Inc. (MMAF) is a dynamic, non-profit, community-based organization that promotes private support for the development of the moving arts.  MMAF, Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 public charity.

 Momentum Moving Arts Foundation, Inc.
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